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Learn more about the Navy Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam by viewing some of my personal Vietnam Memorabilia that includes Military Medals, Flags, Documents, War photos, and many other items used by the Brown Water Navy sailors.

While in Saigon all Navy personnel stayed at the Annapolis Hotel. This was a clearinghouse for Commander of Naval Forces in Vietnam (COMNAVFORV) to disperse personnel throughout the war zone. We soon found out that we could manipulate the system and stay at Vietnamese hotels. Here are some of the I.D. and other cards that were given to us while in Saigon, Vietnam.



The "Geneva Convention Identification Card" and the front and back of my MACV card.



Armed Forces Liberty Card



The front and back of my "Miltary Assistance Command Vietnam" (MACV) Ration Card



* I will be adding more Memorabilia in the future . . .